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For best results, use three times per day on the affected area, following the How to Use instructions each time.

Absolutely not! Despite being effective against fungal infection, the formulation is natural and will only improve the condition of your nails.

Yes, Fungal Nail Destroyer is gentle enough to be used for all ages, but we recommend only using on children old enough to keep their fingers away from their mouths to avoid ingestion.

Most people see results in 2-4 weeks, but for more advanced nail infections, it may take longer.

Yes! Yellowing can be a sign of infection, which will be cleared by Fungal Nail Destroyer. Our active ingredients also help to reduce yellowing caused by unhealthy nails.

Soaking and filing the affected area of your nail ensures that the product has ultimate absorption. This allows it to work faster and more effectively.
  • - Lower price
  • - Product capacity (120 g)
  • - Amazing scent ( Rose )
  • - 30 days money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • - Complimentary free brush

We do not recommend sharing the product between individuals, as this may increase the risk of any infection spreading. If more than one person in your household could benefit from Fungal Nail Destroyer, consider buying our Family Bundle with a 20% saving.

Yes! Our product can be used on both hands and feet.